Deacon Nominee Testimony

Nathan Mah

I started attending church when I was 10 years old, largely because my friends from school went there. Since our family wasn’t religious up to that point, I did not know what to expect. It appealed to me because I thought it was all about following rules and doing the right thing.

At the time, I was the stereotypical Chinese kid – good grades, never got into (big) trouble – so this seemed like the perfect way to help me continue down that path, as long as I could check off the boxes by praying before eating and reading my Bible five minutes a day.

When I was a high school senior, I visited UCLA and spent a week with my sister and her friends from church. My world got turned upside down that week as I was exposed to what it truly means to be a Christian – to acknowledge your sin and need for a savior, give your entire life to Christ, and allow the Word to permeate every aspect of your daily life. With this knowledge, I could no longer be a Sunday morning Christian. That was a turning point in my relationship with the Lord, which strengthened even more during college through the study of His Word and from hearing strong expository preaching. I continue to strive to be more like Christ daily, now in my roles as a church member, husband, father, and employee. I am constantly reminded of James 1:22, which encourages us to be doers of the word, and not hearers only, lest we deceive ourselves.

It is to that end that I am humbled and excited to be nominated as a deacon of FBC Durham. My desire is to serve the church in any capacity that best utilizes the skills and gifts that God has given me. Phil 2:3-8 is one of my favorite passages, as it describes how Christ humbled himself and chose to become man in order to serve others, even to the point of death. If the creator of the universe, the name above all names, could humble himself and willingly take the form of a servant, how much more should a sinner like myself want to serve the Holy God.

I have three main areas of interest and skills that I hope to utilize to serve the church body:

1. Refugee Ministry: My heart aches for those who are the most vulnerable in the world, particularly those whom the Lord chooses to resettle in the Durham area. I currently lead a Good Neighbor Team comprised of FBC members, and we are helping a Syrian family of five that arrived in January. My prayer is that our church can support even more refugees who have fled their homes due to persecution and are starting new lives here in Durham.

2. Missions: The Lord provided opportunities for me to be part of short-term mission trips to Albania and Mexico while I was in college. Those trips strengthened my faith, both through trials and successes where I clearly saw the Lord’s hand at work. I would love to see more of our church members take part in short-term mission trips.

3. My full-time profession for the last 12 years has been in management consulting, with a focus in operations and technology. My desire is to use my skills in these areas to help enhance how the church operates, communicates, and uses technology to serve the body.

Thank you for your consideration in electing me to serve as a deacon at FBC Durham. I would be happy to talk to you if you have any questions.


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