Summer Sermons

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By Kevin Schaub, Lead Editor

I know this is a bit of a filler post, but it’s got links to good stuff. Over the summer at FBC Durham, the elders and pastoral staff have rotated to teach through key sections of 1 Corinthians while our senior pastor, Andy Davis, has been away on sabbatical. While no doubt we have missed having our senior pastor with us this summer, one of the neat returns on his sabbatical has been the blessing of hearing good, capable preaching from already six different FBC men in Andy’s stead—with five more to go.

Not only has it been encouraging to experience the preaching of so many different FBC men (with similar hearts, but definitely different preaching styles) this summer, but the wide-ranging content from 1 Corinthians has also made for a very interesting and well-balanced time of teaching over the summer, and it has challenged our hearts to consider just how we as a church body should respond to God’s Word in our current historical and geographical context.

Already in the text, we have dealt with topics like the church by Andy Winn (link), the cross by Tim Pyrant (link), unity and divisions by Kevin Schaub (link), Scripture by Andy Winn (link), suffering by Kyle Mercer (link), church discipline and purity by Rick Lesh (link), missions by Ron Halbrooks (link), marriage and sexual purity by Ashok Nachnani (link), and self-denying holiness by Daniel Renstrom (link). And, we have the Lord’s Supper, spiritual gifts, and the gospel to go!

So, I thought I would link up those sermons in this post (click on the links). No matter where you are in the world, or what church you’re a member of, I think these are well-worth listening to.


Update (8/7): It’s been two Sundays since this post originally went up, so I have added the two most recent sermons into the content above.