November 7 & 8

Caraway Conference Center, Asheboro, NC

$80 (we have scholarship money available, so please don’t let cost keep you from coming)

Teaching Focus: The Character of Christ.
Our calling from God is to conform to the image of his Son. This means that we are to change from what once characterized us, into the our new definition…Christian. And this change will affect everything. It changes us as fathers, sons, students, bosses, coworkers, employees, husbands and friends. For us to change, we have to behold Christ. We have to consider what he has done for us in the gospel, and who is as our example.

Who will be teaching?
Our Elders will teach the main sessions, and we’ll have a mix of guys teaching the breakouts.

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Will there be book giveaways again this year?
I think so. You’ll have to come to find out.

Will I have fun?

Will there be better coffee than last year?
Does the sun rise in the east? Does Andy Davis have the book of Isaiah memorized?
Yes. Yes. Yes!

Will I have to go bird-watching with Ashok?
No. We asked him to stop doing this at the retreat.

Will Daniel humiliate me in cornhole again?
Maybe. You can always choose not to play :)