FBC Durham supports multiple offerings through gifts given to the Great Commission Fund (GCF). This is one of the reasons we encourage each church member to financially support the GCF. Since this is the time of year that the North Carolina Missions Offering is highlighted, it is a great time to consider your support of the GCF. When FBC Durham gives to the NCMO, the gift supports Baptist mission causes in the state of North Carolina, and it focuses on the 15 ministries of the NC Baptist Men, including disaster relief and feeding teams, church planting, and evangelism and mission camps. When you give to the GCF you will be supporting the NCMO and many other offerings to which FBC Durham contributes. To support the GCF please include on your envelope or the memo line of your check “GCF” so that it is clear the designation of the funds. If you have a desire to support the NCMO above and beyond the contribution given by the church from the GCF, on your envelope or check memo line please write “NCMO”. All dollars designated as such will be added to the amount that FBC Durham gives to support the NCMO through the GCF


International Connections is organizing daytrips to take small groups of international students to the Smoky Mountains, every Saturday in October. The purpose of the trips is to give members the opportunity to connect with and befriend internationals. Consider getting your family or some friends together and taking internationals for a fun day. We’d like people to volunteer driving the church van and/or bus, or using their own cars. IC can plan the logistics for you if you’d like and help with gas. Please contact Tim or Elizabeth MacArthur on MemberHub for more details and to let us know which weekend and how many students you can take, so we can start having students sign up!


Our English Conversation Class meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm-7:30pm beginning . We need more volunteers for this mission field, especially: 1) helpers just for September as we launch; 2) weekly helpers for 30 minutes before the adult bible study; 3) two teachers; 4) regular class helpers/substitute teachers. No foreign language or ESL experience necessary. We will train you! If you cannot make a weekly commitment, come by once just to visit, see what we do, and make a friend! Please contact Liz MacArthur at 919-699-0281 or on MemberHub to find out more.


International Friends is a ministry to spouses of international students. It is a great opportunity for us to develop friendships and share the gospel. We urgently need more workers. We need teachers and anyone interested in helping with Conversational English, greeting, setting up, and childcare. If you are interested please contact Mary Halbrooks via  MemberHub.