In Sunday morning worship (weekly at 10:30am) we desire to engage with the living God through prayer, praise, and the preaching of the Word. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper bimonthly and baptism as the Lord leads. Central to our corporate gatherings is a focus on the triune God Himself: the Father (source of all good gifts), Jesus Christ (who alone makes worship in spirit and truth possible), and the Holy Spirit (who empowers true worship).fbc worship_2014-01-19_20-WEB

Our church vision statement is,
“We exist to delight in, display, and declare the glory of God, equipping His people to spread that delight to all nations through Jesus Christ.”
Since these are the reasons we exist as a church, we desire to delight in, display and declare the glory of God through all our ministries.

Therefore, at FBC Durham we desire our corporate worship to be:

  • Centered on the one, true, living God and His glory
  • Saturated with the grace and the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Joyful, enthusiastic in God
  • Humble, reverent before God, for He is a consuming fire
  • Utilizing the individual spiritual giftedness within the body of Christ, for the edification of all
  • Dialogic, exhibiting a balanced conversation of God speaking to us and our responding to Him
  • Hospitable, displaying elements of community
  • Accessible to guests (so they are able to follow the service meaningfully)
  • Aware of the powerful presence of God and expressive of true fellowship with God
  • Free from distractions and things that would quench the Spirit
  • Unified in theme (directed by the sermon topic and scripture)
  • Guided by the Word of God (every element of worship)
  • Life-transforming; strengthening faith and bringing about spiritual growth in believers
  • A corporate witness to a watching world, causing unbelievers to fall down and worship God, exclaiming, “God is really among you!” (1 Cor 14:25) fbc worship_2014-01-19_28-WEB