The Pastoral Internship is a part-time commitment, and we have tried to structure it in order to accommodate interns who work or attend school full-time.  Although it will vary from week to week, we expect interns to average about 10 hours a week in internship activities.  Many of those hours are flexible and won’t require you to be in the FBC office.



Interns should expect to spend, on average, six hours a week engaged in the activities listed below.

1.       Weekly Reading, Writing, and Discussion.  Every Wednesday from 3:00pm -5:00pm, the interns will meet with Andy Davis and Andy Winn.  All interns must attend these meetings faithfully and come ready to discuss the readings for the week.  Bring your books, copies of your papers, something to write with, and something to write on.  Papers should be emailed to Tom Knight ( the Tuesday evening prior to the discussion.

2.      Scripture Memorization.  All Interns are required to memorize the book of Ephesians over the course of the internship.  You can set your own schedule, but you must hit the milestones set out in the weekly schedule (e.g. Ephesians 1 by week 2).

3.      Conference Attendance.  Interns will accompany Andy Davis to one conference over the course of the semester.



Interns should expect to spend, on average, three to four hours a week engaged in the activities listed below.

1.      Ministry Participation.  Interns will have the opportunity to gain experience by assisting FBC ministries.  Ministries include the following:  urban, prison, college, counseling, and more.   

2.      Practical Ministry Observation.  Throughout the semester, Andy Winn will make interns aware of opportunities to observe real life ministry scenarios; these could include weddings, funerals, hospital visits, and counseling sessions.

3.      Elders’ Meeting Observations.  Interns will sit in on elders’ meetings throughout the semester.  Typically, elders’ meetings occur once a month on Tuesday nights.

4.      Sermon Preparation Observation.  Interns will spend one Tuesday during the week observing Andy Davis doing sermon preparation.  Contact Tom Knight to schedule a Tuesday.  This must be completed before the beginning of the preaching unit (April 21).

5.      Public Teaching.  FBC will do its best to provide teaching opportunities for each of its interns.  Those opportunities could include preaching on a Sunday night, teaching at Bible For Life or Wednesday night A.C.T.S. class, or leading a discussion at a Home Fellowship.  Interns should expect to be evaluated and critiqued by FBC members and staff.



All committed Christians should be actively serving in their local church.  Men interested in vocational ministry should first learn to be faithful church members.

1.      Faithful Church Attendance.  Interns are expected to faithfully attend all FBC functions.  In a normal week, that includes Bible For Life, Sunday morning service, Home Fellowship, and Wednesday Night A.C.T.S.  You will be assigned to a Bible For Life class and a Home Fellowship.  Andy Winn may encourage interns to attend other FBC events as they arise.

2.      FBC Membership Process. Interns coming to FBC from other churches will be expected to go through the membership process, if not actually join.  That includes the membership class and interview.

3.      FBC Lunches.  On their own time, interns should set up lunches with various FBC members, either one on one or as a group.  Each intern should have lunch with one FBC member who predates Andy Davis, one member who has joined in the last six months, and one non-staff elder.