Winn Family 2013Hosts:  Andy & Elisa Winn

2023 Redding Lane.
Durham, NC 27712

Phone:  919-383-9672

Leaders: Herbert Rivera & Andy Winn

Time: 5:30-7:15pm

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The Book of Psalms

Have you ever noticed how applicable the Psalms are to our lives? The Psalms are a collection of songs, prayers, and poems of godly individuals that deeply desire to know, love, and understand thesovereign God. This book has encouraged people for centuries and has given comfort, understanding, and hope to those in the midst of fear, confusion, and despair. The Psalms teach us how to live fruitful lives by securing our hope in the one and only true God.  Each week we will choose one Psalm for study, discussion, and prayer while seeking to be encouraged as we apply the deep truths of Psalms to our lives.  All are welcome to join us for this fruitful, devotional study of the Psalms.

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