All of the varied activities associated with FBC Durham are for the purpose of carrying out The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Through the Missions Committee, the church is able to support the efforts of many other individuals and organizations as they pursue this same goal with the unique talents and in the particular circumstances that God has given them.

First Baptist participates in a wide variety of missions through financial support, prayer, and publicity.  While some of our efforts support missions that originate within First Baptist (like the Caribbean Mission trip), many support individuals that have gone forth from our congregation or local ministries that provide a special service to the Durham community.

Missions supported by FBC Durham
  • The Cooperative Program — 10% of all incoming tithes to our church are forwarded on to the Cooperative Program.  This organization is a foundational program of the Southern Baptist Convention.  It is the avenue through which thousands of churches pool their meager individual resources to support hundreds of missionaries at home and abroad.
  • Special Offerings — Twice a year special offerings are collected in support of Southern Baptist ministries.  These offerings are used 100% for direct needs and not for administrative costs.  Through giving and prayer, individuals raise their own awareness of God’s work in the world and His call on each person’s life to be a part of God’s work.
            — Lottie Moon – Supports the International Mission Board (Christmas)
            — Annie Armstrong – Supports the North American Mission Board (Easter)
  • Great Commission Fund – The Great Commission Fund was established to help First Baptist Church carry out the command of the great commission as found in Matthew 28:18-20 and to fulfill the vision statement of the church.  Some of the uses of the fund include providing financial assistance to those participating in mission trips, supplies and equipment necessary for missions, and special mission projects.  The GCF is also used to channel funds to most of FBC’s missions/ministry offerings, including those listed below.
      World Hunger – Supports global relief efforts (Summer)
      Baptist Children’s Homes – Supports orphanages throughout the North Carolina (Summer)
      North Carolina Missions – Supports state ministries like the Baptist Brotherhood, WMU, and colleges (Fall).
      Hope for Children Adoption Fund – Supports qualifying families who are stepping out in faith to minister to orphans and needy children through adoption and foster care (Year Round).
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators (JAARS) — JAARS is the aerial support team for Wycliffe, an organization which translates the Bible into tribal languages and then teaches native peoples how to read in their own heart language.
  • Prison Ministry — Funds are used to provide materials and refreshments for the Monday Night Bible Study program at the Orange Correctional Center led by Jack Evans.
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship — We support the Extra Good News programs in downtown Durham directed by John Blake.
  • International Friends — Each Tuesday morning during the Fall and Spring, women of the church minister through language training, crafts, and personal relationship to the wives of international students in the area.  Funds provide necessary materials.  Director: Angie Waters
  • International Students — Through the efforts of Brevard Brown and Steve Correll, we have been able to provide mattresses and box springs for families arriving from distant lands to study here in triangle universities.  Funds cover transportation and storage costs, provide Bibles and other evangelistic literature, and pay for social events.  Through all these ministries, we are able to introduce students to Christ.
  • Durham Rescue Mission — This ministry fills a vital need in our community through its ministry to those struggling to make a life on the streets.  They provide spiritual ministry to hurting men, women and families as well as providing skill training and job placement services.
  • Pregnancy Support Services — Under the directorship of Mimi Every, PSS provides pregnancy counseling that encourages mothers to carry their child through birth.  As they are able, they provide materially and spiritually for mothers and families.
  • Community Outreach — It is the desire of FBC to reach out and welcome the families who live in the neighborhood in which our building is located.   As a first step we continue to make every effort to incorporate children from the neighborhood into the daily life of the church.   Funds cover transportation and material needs.
  • Mosaic Boston — A church in Boston on mission to serve Boston begun by Jan Vezikov of FBC. If you are a believer in Christ and are looking to join a church community of believers passionate about the Gospel and Boston, please do visit Mosaic Boston.
  • South Durham Church — A new church in south Durham!

Download our 2013 Missions Offerings Brochure