Delighting in Christ. Christ is both the fountainhead and goal of who we are and why we serve. In fact, our ministry is an outflow of our delight in Him and His amazing grace. In line with this delight, our elders have put in place a framework of service called Ministry Teams which our deacon body will coordinate under the spiritual oversight and direction of the elders. These teams support the teaching ministry of our pastoral staff and facilitate ministry to one another and to our community through our designated ministry teams.

Ministry Teams are designed to provide opportunity for believers to serve Christ. Please read the descriptions of the various Ministry Teams along with a sample of ministries that coincide with that team and communicate with us via the tear off card how you might best use your gifts in delighting in Christ as we serve together at First Baptist Church.

Church Planting

The Church Planting Team exists to glorify God by establishing a community in southern Durham where we see individuals, families, city, and nations transformed by the Gospel through evangelism, discipleship, teaching and missions.

City Outreach

The City Outreach Team are men and women investing their lives in the 27701 zip code to build disciples of Christ, in order to unite in worshiping Jesus Christ in every area of life. Examples of ministry areas are the Caring Center, Jobs for Life, Health Fair, Urban Outreach, and Bible Clubs.


The College Ministry Team exists to see college-aged men and women transformed into disciples who exalt Christ as Lord over all of life. To that end, we proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach students to obey every command of Jesus Christ, and encourage them to love and serve the local church, the body of Jesus Christ.

Corporate Worship

The Corporate Worship Ministry Team exists to glorify God by organizing the body to prepare for and deliberately participate in corporate worship. Areas of service are Choir and Orchestra, the Lord’s Supper, Baptism, Offering Bearing, Sanctuary Preparation, and Audio/Visual Support.


For the glory of God and for the love of one another, the counseling ministry exists to encourage, correct and instruct using the Word of God so that we may be made new like Christ Jesus. Also included in this area is the Adult Media Ministry.


The Encouragement Ministry Team exists to display, declare and delight in the glory of God by seeking to build up our fellow believers in their faith through intentional, personal and timely interaction at strategic life opportunities within the local body of believers. Examples of some of the ministry areas are fellowship support, bereavement, hospital visitation, and meals/support for new mothers.


The Facilities Ministry Team exists to maintain and improve the facilities of First Baptist Church. FBC’s facilities belong to God and should be maintained for His glory and for the fulfillment of our church’s vision statement. Examples of some of the ministry areas are Rand Cottage oversight, helping to prepare for major events, looking after the buildings and grounds of the church campus.

Family and Youth

The Family and Youth Ministry Team exists to assist with preparing youth for Christian maturity and equipping parents in growing Godly families. Examples of some of the ministry areas are Bible for Life Support, Event Support, Vacation Bible School, and Children’s Media Center.


The Host Ministry Team exists to foster a warm, welcoming atmosphere of truth and love. We intend that all who come, especially visitors, are greeted, informed and assisted so that the entire family is able to participate meaningfully in corporate events at FBC. Examples of some of the ministry areas are Door Greeters, Security Support, Ushers, and Visitor Follow-Up.

International Connections

The Internationals Ministry Team exists to befriend, serve, and disciple Internationals in Durham for the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Ultimately, as we become their friend, our goal is to introduce them to our Savior, Jesus Christ, and disciple them so that one day, they can go back to their own countries proclaiming the life-changing message of the gospel. Examples of some of the ministry areas are International Student Outreach, International Friends, and ESL along with Bible For Life Classes.


The Missions Ministry Team exists to go and make disciples in Durham, in America, and internationally, and to support those associated with our church who have gone out for that same purpose. Examples of some of the current ministry areas that this would encompass are Overseas Trip Support, Missionary Support, Church Planting, Evangelism Tools, WMU, and Prison Ministry.

Senior Adult Ministry

The Senior Adult Ministry Team exists to help provide for the spiritual, physical, and social/emotional needs of senior adults in our church. Examples of some of the ministry areas are Homebound, Nursing Home Bible Studies, Monthly Luncheons, and looking after the widows of First Baptist Church.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry Team exists to establish and facilitate ministries that encourage intimate growth in Christ, authentic fellowship with one another, and development of our spiritual gifts to impact our church and community for Christ. Potential avenues we will explore include Bible studies, prayer groups, women’s events and mentoring.

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with any of these ministries, please fill out the interest response form attached to the PDF linked below. Thank you for your interest in serving Christ!

Click Here to download a PDF of the FBC Ministry Brochure.

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