A Message of Welcome from Dr. Andrew Davis, Senior Pastor of FBC Durham

“Come, and Welcome, to Jesus Christ.”  That’s one of my favorite sermon titles ever, done by John Bunyan, the 17th century writer of the classic allegory of the Christian faith, Pilgrim’s Progress.  Bunyan spent his whole life of ministry seeking to welcome people to Jesus Christ, and then to urge them to go on a pilgrimage to spiritual maturity through an ever-deepening walk with the risen Christ.  Pilgrim’s Progress portrays both of these aspects very well—the initial joy of discovery of Christ and of forgiveness through faith in His blood shed on the cross, AND the following perilous journey the Christian takes in the years that follow until the pilgrimage ends in heaven.

FBC exists to glorify God by welcoming people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, by building them up to spiritual maturity and equipping them to serve Christ, and by sending them out into a world that needs Christ desperately.  The glory of God is our primary focus, but especially our delight in that glory.   So we enjoy worshiping God who is sufficient for all these things, and whose glory will dazzle us, entice us, intrigue us, occupy us and deeply satisfy us forever in the New Heaven and New Earth.

At FBC we speak frequently of “Two Infinite Journeys” as a way to describe what God wants to do in us and through us, once we’ve been welcomed by faith into the Kingdom of Christ.  The “Internal Journey” is one of personal transformation into Christlikeness.  The “External Journey” is one of ministry outwardly to a lost world, preaching the gospel as the top priority to the ends of the earth.

So “Come, and Welcome” to FBC, to “Two Infinite Journeys” and most of all, to Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Pilgrimage!