Discipleship in the Urban Context

By Kevin Schaub with Matthew Hodges

Durham has become known for its urban revitalization, its artisan restaurants, and its complicated history. First Baptist Church is the oldest church in Durham, established in 1845, and it certainly has its own contribution to Durham’s history. In recent years, God has been at work in the hearts of FBC Durham’s church membership to unite us under sound doctrine, to help us on the road of sanctification, and to usher us into city outreach ministry.

(Left to Right) Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr., Matthew Hodges, Darrick Smith

The task is a difficult one. In fact, left to our own resources and wisdom, FBC Durham cannot serve well in the urban context. God is sovereign, he’s on mission, and it’s his mission to accomplish. Thankfully, he purposes to use weak vessels to advance his missionary task. For years now, it’s been on the heart of Matthew Hodges and the city outreach ministry team to help our church body and other area churches be equipped to minister cross-culturally in the urban context, and recently Matthew led our church to host a one-day conference on discipleship in the urban context, simply called City Outreach Conference.

Because we believe we’re not in this cross-cultural ministry alone, but instead desire others to join with us in outreach in the urban context, we wanted to make the audio from the conference available online to you. I went to the conference, and personally, I thought it was the most helpful, informative one-day conference I’ve ever been to. Before leaving the conference, one attendee remarked, “I learned that I need to do theology in the urban context.” Another, following Dr. Carl Ellis’ first session, exclaimed, “He made the Old Testament come alive!”

We were blown away. We had visitors to the conference from all over the state of North Carolina, and several area colleges and seminaries were represented. As I said earlier, the theme of the conference was discipleship in the urban context. The speakers for the conference were Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. (author of Saving our Sons: Confronting the Lure of Islam with Truth, Faith and Courage and Free at Last?: The Gospel in the African American Experience) and Darrick Smith (NCCU College Director of Summit Church). Their talks were both informative and challenging, giving a clear picture of the challenges, culture, and history that has shaped the urban context.

The audio is linked below. We hope you’ll listen, apply what you learn, and depend on the Lord as you join with us to labor for Christ in the urban context.

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