Stories of Sharing Your Faith

The following entries are stories of opportunities that we have recently had in sharing our faith. We know that some of these stories will tell about the joy of someone believing the gospel, but the vast majority of them will just describe what it means to faithfully share Christ with friends, co-workers and even strangers. Either way, we want to begin to compile these stories and post them on this blog over the coming months.


We may think that our attempts at keeping the Lord in our conversations is falling on deaf ears, but here is an email I received recently from someone I’ve been keeping up with for years. I’d sent him a blog link which addressed some of his questions. Be encouraged.

… thanks for sending the article.  I really enjoy hearing and thinking about different points of view on this compelling matter, so I appreciate this article and other things you’ve sent (and will send, I hope).

Although the nature of the pastor’s conversion jiggles the needle a bit in my suspicion meter, I must say that there are many conversions I’ve heard and read about which do not move the needle at all, people such as C.S. Lewis and Francis Collins.   

Also, there are many people I know such as you and _____ and others whose faith doesn’t budge the needle either, but that’s because I so admire and respect the way you live your faith every day.  To me, the best argument by far for beliefs is not how they are explained or defended but, instead, how we conduct ourselves.   

Although I have faith in many things – including the notion that we are creatures of God – when it comes to the specifics of God’s relationship to us,  the way my system is wired (screwy?) still leaves me a few steps short of coming to terms with any of the many explanations I’ve encountered thus far.  But I’m still seeking, so maybe there’s hope.   


Several years ago I conducted an exit interview for an employee which led to a conversation about matters of faith. This employees reason for leaving was related to a sick child. We covered a range of topics relating to the meaning of faith in our times of adversity including, I think, the Gospel. It was enjoyable but didn’t seem to lead to much else.

I saw that former employee a few months ago and their first comment to me was that the entire family was now regularly attending a good church in their community. 

It just helped me to realize that people are very often listening even if they seem not to be.
So keep sharing.


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