FBC Welcomes Adam Chesson

FBC Welcomes Adam Chesson as Building Engineer/Custodian

Hey I’m Adam. You may know me best by my family, my cute little girls Mercy (3 yrs) and Clover (2 yrs), and new baby boy Holt (6 mo.), and probably most of all my lovely wife Michaela.  Michaela and I married in December 2012 as soon as we finished college.

After 2 ½ years of working after college and having a child we chose to move to Wake Forest to attend Southeastern Seminary as well as become a member of FBC.  We knew about FBC through my brother Tyler Chesson who came a year earlier.  We were so encouraged by visiting this church while visiting my brother that we thought it worth moving to become part of the teaching and ministry that happens here.  I began taking classes at Southeastern to prepare for a possible future in foreign missions as well as just to grow in my understanding of Scripture to become a more informed disciple of Jesus.

We moved to Wake Forest with no job.  God quickly provided for us in a job for me with a construction contracting company in Raleigh. That gave me valuable experience and a schedule that was conducive to taking classes.

It was awesome to even have had the opportunity to apply for this job at FBC. To be considered as a staff member of this church is something I never even considered. In this position I hope to serve the church in humility in any way I am asked, and to do it to the glory of God.  I believe I am gifted to be in a support role in ministry based on the gifts God has given me. It is awesome to be a part of the ministry I moved to NC to be a part of in the first place!  My goal and mission here is to support the church in obedience to Jesus’ command to make disciples.


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