Preparing for Worship – March 15, 2020

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Hymns and Songs We Will Be Singing on Sunday:

How Great Thou Art
Behold Our God
Jesus, Thank You
How Rich a Treasure We Possess
All I Have Is Christ

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Sunday’s Sermon

The message on Sunday is “God’s Warning to Rich Oppressors” based on James 5:1-6. Read and meditate on this scripture passage for Sunday as you prepare for corporate worship.

Pray for Our Leaders:

Preaching: Andy Davis, Chase Jenkins
Welcome/Call to Worship: Wes Treadway, Alex Schroer
Leading in Prayer: Andy Davis, Chase Jenkins, Ben Zweigle, Brian Young,  Alex Schroer and Wes Treadway
Leading in Praise: Wes Treadway, Alex Schroer and the Worship Ministry Teams
Scripture Reading: Phil Sheridan, Chris Bowen

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