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The goal of our BFL classes is to make disciples by rightly interpreting and applying God’s Word to every aspect of our lives. Therefore, the BFL core tracks are purposely designed to give a comprehensive understanding of God’s Word that can be applied in every part of daily living.

We invite you to look over the core tracks offered and prayerfully select your own strategy for growing in Christ.

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Common Questions

Are there any classes that would be good to take before another?

The BFL classes are designed so that any class can be taken and enjoyed without having previous classes. With that said, there are certain tracks that naturally build upon previous classes (such as OT and NT), but even those classes will be taught with the understanding that some individuals will be attending the class with no prior background.

Am I expected to remain in the same “track” the entire year, or may I select the order of classes that are of current interest?

The hope is that our members will participate in every class offered over the course of a five year span, but you do not have to remain in the same “track” the first year to complete the entire BFL program. Start by attending the classes that would be most beneficial for your life at this time.

Is it best to remain in the same class for its duration?

Once you decide on the class you want to attend, we encourage you to remain in that class for its duration. This will support the over-all educational focus of BFL, enabling you to receive the full benefit of the material developed for that class.

What if I am interested in two classes that meet at the same time? Will they be offered again?

Yes, the plan is to offer the current classes for the next five years, which will allow everyone to attend every class.

Are there separate BFL classes for certain ages?

Yes, though any age can attend any BFL class, there are also targeted classes offered for certain walks of life (i.e. children, youth, college, internationals and senior adults).

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