December – February

Bible Study – New Testament

An in-depth, expositional Bible study, one book at a time. It will promote and encourage a Berean-like approach (“with all eagerness they examined” Acts 17:11) to individual books of the Bible in a context of growing together in Christ.
Gospel of John, Part 2 Music Suite    December 2 – February 24

Internal Journey

Arming Christians with tools to do battle with the world, the flesh, and the devil, and to engage in the progress towards Christ-likeness in the individual Christian.
Parenting Teens: Helping Them Grow, Letting Them Go Room 251    January 20 – February 24

External Journey

Preparing members of FBC to be fruitfully involved in the Great Commission, both locally (through evangelism) and to the ends of the earth (through missions).
Mercy Ministry – Room 246     January 20 – February 24



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