Marriage should be a beautiful picture of how Christ loves the church. This class will seek to strengthen and encourage marriages through the faithful teaching and application of God’s Word. Couples will be challenged to roll up their sleeves, get to work and do what it takes to build a God-honoring relationship. This insightful, practical class will focus on six foundational commitments couples can make to each other, thereby fostering a loving, growing, grace-soaked marriage.

The six commitments that will be discussed:

  • To give ourselves to a lifestyle of confession and forgiveness
  • To make growth and change our daily agenda
  • To work together to build a sturdy bond of trust
  • To commit to building a relationship of love
  • To deal with our differences with appreciation and grace
  • To diligently work to protect our marriage

Class Notes

Christian Marriage – Overview

Christian Marriage – Commitment 1

Christian Marriage – Commitment 2

Christian Marriage – Commitment 3

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