Jesus Christ’s purpose now in this world is to advance His Kingdom. That is now a spiritual kingdom in the changing of human lives to be obedient to Him. That Kingdom advancement is through His church and more specifically local churches like FBC. However, the New Testament and church history has shown that this advancement is best and most efficiently through established churches like FBC starting new churches. FBC is doing this. Come learn how this is Biblically done and to be a part of this exciting movement of Church Planting.

In this class, we will learn about:

  • What exactly is church planting
  • What is the difference between church planting and missions
  • What are the needs and challenges of church planting
  • How FBC seeks to actively pursue church planting

Class Notes

Church Planting – Why Plant Churches

Church Planting – Missional Church Planting

Church Planting – Getting to Know the Context

Church Planting – Contextualization

Church Planting – Church Planting Movements

Church Planting – Exactly How Does One Plant a Church

Church Planting – Evangelism in the Old Testament

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