Have you ever wondered how you can know God’s will for your life? For 2000 years, Christians have been asking this question. Some sincere believers have turned to all kinds of superstitious, mystical, or even silly means to try and figure out God’s will. Others remain convinced that God’s will is a mystery that cannot be solved. Fortunately, God’s Word gives us principles for knowing and doing God’s will. This class will help you learn how to discern God’s will and make decisions that bring him glory.

In this class, we will lean about:

  • The biblical teaching on God’s will
  • The importance of knowing and doing God’s will
  • The biblical pattern for discerning God’s will
  • Examples of how believers from church history have tried to discern God’s will—both good and bad!​

Class Notes

Knowing & Doing God’s Will 1- Myths About God’s Will 

Knowing & Doing God’s Will 2 – The 3 Wills of God

Knowing & Doing God’s Will 3 – Guidance

Knowing & Doing God’s Will 4 – Vocation

Knowing & Doing God’s Will 5- Marriage and God’s Will

Knowing & Doing God’s Will 6 – Conclusion

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