This class is designed for FBC members to grasp the heart of God for marginalized people leading to acts of mercy. During this course we will focus on God’s commands to the Israelites toward the marginalized in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ teaching and actions toward marginalized people in the New Testament. We will discuss how the writers of the epistles instructed their hearers to extend mercy and how the church has responded to those in need throughout her history. This class will also provide practical applications to wisely extend mercy to the community surrounding FBC and the communities that our members live in and serve.

In this class, we will learn about:

  • What gospel centered mercy ministry is
  • The heart of God for marginalized people from the OT and NT
  • Practically: Writing a check is one way to minister, but not the only way
  • Practically: Mercy ministry is not easy, but it is a sign of the transforming work of the gospel

Class Notes

Mercy Ministry 1 – What is It

Mercy Ministry 2 – The Master and the Marginalized in the Old Testament

Mercy Ministry 3 – Jesus and the Marginalized

Mercy Ministry 4 -The Apostles, the Church, and the Marginalized

Mercy Ministry 5 – Everyone is Poor

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