What is missions and how are we to be involved with missions?  Is missions just for a few or for the whole church?  Is missions just sharing the gospel or also to do good works like helping the poor and those in need of health care?  Just how are we to do missions?

We will learn to the answer to these questions and other by looking at the following:

  • The Biblical Perspective on Missions- what does the Bible have to say about Missions
  • The Historical Perspective on Missions- what does history have to tell us about Missions
  • The Cultural Perspective on Missions- what does Culture have to tell us about doing Missions

Class Notes

Missions – Overview

Missions – Business as Mission

Missions – Mission Offering Booklet 2012 Text

Missions – Pioneers of the World Christian Movement

Missions – Strategies for Cross Cultural Planting

Missions – Strategies for World Evangelism and Church Planting Movements

Missions – The Bible in World Evangelization

Missions – The Cultural Perspective

Missions – The Kingdom Strikes Back

Missions – The Living God is a Missionary God

Missions – Your Journey to the Nations

Missions – Sacrificial Giving

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