Developing a pattern of consistently spending time with God in private prayer, worship, Bible reading, and biblical meditation is an essential discipline of our spiritual growth.  It is a time that recalibrates our perspective on the world and our responsibilities according to God’s perspective.  Regardless of how many years you have walked with Jesus, this class will encourage and challenge you to go deeper in scripture each day and give you multiple ideas of how to enhance your time with God and His word.

In this class, we will learn about:

  • The biblical examples of quiet time and how the saints of old spent time in scripture
  • Why it is important/essential for maturity in Christ
  • How to establish a consistent “Quiet Time”
  • Ideas to deepen and enhance your consistent time with God’s word
  • Examples of what other brothers and sisters in Christ do on a daily basis

Class Notes

Personal Quiet Time 1 – Biblical Foundation of Meeting with God

Personal Quiet Time 2 – Psalm 119 Pursuit of a Consistent Devotion

Personal Quiet Time 3 – Meeting with God & Practical Examples of Quiet Time

Personal Quiet Time 4 – Large Group Example of Meeting with God

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