*Please Note: During this unique season, to assist us in preparing well for your arrival on Sunday morning, please click here to register any children you’d like to have attend BFL in advance of Sunday (offered for ages 12 mo through 5th grade).


These classes provide an opportunity for your child to have healthy interaction with other children under the supervision of members of FBC Durham. The children are divided into classes based on their birthdate and mobility.

Butterflies (Newborns & Babies) :: Room G16
Currently we are not offering “Butterflies” during BFL; we are offering classes for children ages 12 mo through 5th grade. 

Turtles (Crawling & Learning to Walk) :: Room G14
Please note: We’re offering BFL classes for children ages 12 mo through 5th grade.

Penguins (Walkers) :: Room G14
The Wonders He Has Done
Young toddlers are taught The Wonders He Has Done, which present four lessons (repeated throughout the year) on creation, our love for Jesus, and His love for us, along with a series of simple truth statements.

Frogs (DOB Sept 1, 17 – Aug 31, 18) :: Room G24
His Praiseworthy Deeds
His Praiseworthy Deeds, teaches older toddlers 13 key Bible stories (repeated throughout the year) along with monthly foundation verses to memorize.

Bears (DOB Sept 1, 16 – Aug 31, 17) :: Room G20
He Established a Testimony
God has testified of His glorious deeds and His mighty power. The Bible is full of stories that point to His greatness and worth. This curriculum explores God’s greatness by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the Old Testament.

Lions (DOB Sept 1, 15 – Aug 31, 16) :: Room G22
He Has Spoken By His Son
The New Testament beautifully unfolds the wonder and power of Jesus Christ. This curriculum explores the greatness of God in Christ by noting key themes found chronologically throughout the New Testament. Teachers are encouraged to study the Scripture itself and then utilize the key themes to acquaint children with a great God who has spoken by His Son.



Kindergarten  :: Room G12
The kindergarten class is studying “Jesus, What a Savior.” We were created to enjoy the glory of God. But as sinners, we fail to treasure Him as we should. This chronological study on redemption explores the incomparable greatness and worth of God, the desperate condition of helpless sinners and the    all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ to redeem sinful people.

1st Grade  ::  Room G47
The first grade is studying “The ABC’s of God.” With the alphabet as a framework for teaching the attributes of God, the children explore the delight that God has in Himself  as the source, means and purpose of all things. Each lesson asks and answers three key questions (“Who is God?”, “What is He like?” and “How should  I act toward Him?”), developing a sound theology of God for children.

2nd Grade  ::  Rooms G44
The second grade is studying the fact that God’s promises are gifts to the believer in “Faithful to His Promises.” The challenge of the Christian life is not to simply know the promises of God, but to place unshakable confidence in them. The children learn God’s character is trustworthy; therefore, His  promises are true and reliable.

3rd Grade  ::  Room G46
Through “In the Beginning…Jesus” third graders learn that the Bible is one complete, true story that progressively reveals God’s redemptive plan. They learn that His plan comes to complete fulfillment in the person and work of Jesus Christ. The study starts at the beginning of the Bible and moves chronologically through the Old Testament text as students search for clues that foreshadow the  coming of Jesus and His redemptive work on the cross.

4th & 5th Grade  ::  GIRLS Room G43 ::  BOYS Room G42
The fourth and fifth graders study both “How Majestic Is My Name” and “My Purpose Will Stand” in alternating years. “How Majestic Is My Name” is a study in learning that the names of God are wonderful revelations of His majestic character. Hebrew names of God in the Old Testament and the names of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the New Testament are presented. “My Purpose Will Stand” teaches that God is not an idle God. He is continually involved with all created things, directing them to accomplish His  eternal purposes. This study teaches children to recognize God’s providence in their lives and to joyfully trust His good purposes for them.




6th – 12th Grades – Room 320
Essential Christian Beliefs
We will meet at 9:15am every Sunday for announcements and hang out time, and then we will divide into smaller classes (e.g., Middle School Girls; High School Guys; etc.) for the Bible study.

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