COVID-19 Resources

Below are a few resources we pray will be a blessing to you and would encourage your faith as we navigate these turbulent times.

COVID-19 Tips and Guidance | FBC Healthcare Professionals
These documents were put together by healthcare professionals within FBC to assist in providing clarity regarding seeking care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please Note: These were internally-circulated documents provided based on the information available at the time. Please consult your physician for medical advice. March 25 Document | April 1 Document | April 8 Document

COVID-19 Informational Webinars | FBC Healthcare Professionals
FBC healthcare professionals held informational webinars where information about COVID-19 was discussed along with fielded questions from the audience. Click here for the April 1 webinar, and click here for the March 25 webinar.

COVID-19 Self-Isolation Guidance | Duke Health
Click here for a chart that answers the question, “Do I need to self-isolate for possible exposure to COVID-19 in the community?”

Redeeming the Time During COVID-19 |, Andrew Davis
Click here to read an article by Andy Davis about redeeming the time during this pandemic for God’s glory.

Some Ancient Advice from Luther on Plagues |, Andrew Davis
Click here to read an article about lessons we can learn from Martin Luther about responding as Christians to health crises.

How to Protect Yourself and Others | NC Baptists on Mission
Click here to learn about some simple ways you can help slow the spread of the virus.

Ways to Help Your Community | NC Baptists on Mission
Click here to hear some ways you can be a blessing to your community during this time.

For Such a Time as This: Living Out the Gospel During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Click here to watch a recorded webinar with Dr. Nathan Thielman (MD, MPH, Duke University) about what a gospel-shaped response to the coronavirus could look in our lives.

Small Business Guide and Checklist  | U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Click here for an overview of the key components of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as it relates to small businesses.

The Bioethics Podcast | The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Click here to listen to the podcast The New Ethical Challenges in Triage.

Playing God: Pandemic Brings Moral Dilemmas to U.S. Hospitals | Christianity Today
Click here to read an article by two Christian bioethicists on life or death issues that American doctors may soon face.

Criteria for the Allocation of Limited Healthcare Resources
Click here to read a newly updated article by CBHD Emeritus Fellow Dr. John Kilner in which he addresses some of “the timeless challenges of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis.”

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