“Touching lives with love”
“It is a wonderful thing to be alive!  If a person lives to be very old, let him rejoice in every day of life.”  (Ecclesiastes 11:7-8)

Purpose of the Homebound Ministry

  • To provide an arm from the church to minister to the spiritual needs of our homebound members.
  • To add quality and meaning to the life of the homebound by giving love, encouragement, and relieving anxieties.
  • To minister to the personal needs of our homebound members.

How We Try to Do This

  • Visits on a regular basis.
  • Birthday and Anniversary parties.
  • Bring our homebound members to church and other places where needed.
  • We have one Sunday designated as ‘Homebound Sunday’ when we bring all homebound members who are able to church.
  • We have Bible studies in 3 nursing homes.
  • We have professional speakers on related subjects on a regular basis.
  • We take our homebound members out to lunch or for a ride if they can leave the home.
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