Go On a Short-Term Trip

We have a number of short-term trips planned for 2018. The following is our current list of planned 2018 trips. We may add others along the way, and it’s always possible a planned trip doesn’t end up happening. If you’re interested in going on a short-term trip, reach out to the Missions Ministry Team or one of the elders. We’re always eager to fan the flame of a heart for serving overseas!

Upcoming Trips

  • South Asia, March 28 – April 6
    Leader – James Cooper
    Purpose: We will do prayer walking and evangelism with like-minded teams in two cities as well as lead a prayer retreat for one of these teams
    Team Members: Melody Cason, James Cooper, Davina Dare, Levi Linville, Bethany Oliver, & Joy Oliver
  • Boston, May 22 – 29
    Leader – Philip McDuffie
    Purpose: Support Mosaic Boston Church Plants
    Team size:  12-16 (4 Team leader spots filled) College/Masters Students
  • M-FUGE Ridgecrest, NC, June 17 – 20
    Leader – Kevin Schaub
    Purpose: Youth will minister to the local community and serve people in need
    Team Size: No Limit
  • Queens, NYC, June 30  – July 7
    Leader – James Cooper
    Purpose – Assist a church planter in prayer walking, evangelism, and mercy ministry
    Team Size: 2 spots available (register by February 28)
  • East Asia, August 10-18
    Leader – Not yet determined
    Purpose: Share the gospel while leading a 5-day baking camp for children & adults
    Team Size: 3-4 Ladies

Past Trips

We’ve posted a number of summary reports from past trips dating back to 2012. We’d encourage you to read the stories, and praise God for the mighty works he has done!

Requesting Support

If you’re a First Baptist member, and would like to go on a trip not included in the upcoming trips list above, you’re welcome to apply for funding support from GCF. We love to help FBC members go! The application process is easy. Just follow the steps below, in order.

Give to the Great Commission Fund

Giving to GCF is a great way to get involved in global missions work, and we would encourage every FBC member to prayerfully consider giving regularly to this fund. Giving is easy… just click this button:
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