Below are links to summary reports for past trips, showing how the Lord answered prayers, and used these trips to further the work being done by servants overseas, working to spread the gospel to the lost.

2018 Trips

  • South Asia, March 28 – April 6
    Purpose: We will do prayer walking and evangelism with like-minded teams in two cities as well as lead a prayer retreat for one of these teams
  • Boston, May 22 – 29
    Purpose: Support Mosaic Boston Church Plants
  • M-FUGE Ridgecrest, NC, June 17 – 20
    Purpose: Youth will minister to the local community and serve people in need
  • Queens, NYC, June 30  – July 7
    Purpose – Assist a church planter in prayer walking, evangelism, and mercy ministry

2017 Trips

  • East Asia (College), May 16-27
    Team Members:  Mason Carpenter, Katherine Chavez, Matthew Cherry, Hannah Estes, Philip McDuffie, Julie Scott, Joshua Starnes
  • East Asia, June 3-11
    Team Members: Mimi Bowen, Jason Burgin, Jenna Burgin, Mark Cambranis, Amanda Dockery, Maria Estes, Stephen Estes, Haddon Fox, Molly Fox, Deborah Harford, Lauren McKeel, Zach McKeel, Kim Stewart, Sophie Stewart, Matthew Tucker, Melissa Valenti, Andy Winn, Jackson Winn, Micah Winn
  • MFUGE Youth, June 17–21
    37 youth, 9 adults
  • Bryson City, NC through NC Baptist Men, July 28-Aug 4
    Adam Chesson, Clover Chesson, Mercy Chesson, Michaela Chesson, Bert Haywood, Joanne Haywood, Linda Stephens, Meredith Stephens, Allison Stenner, Derek Stenner, Gretta Stenner, Molly Stenner
  • Osaka, Japan, June 13-July 25
    Julie Olender doing a missions internship with the IMB. Primary purpose is to strengthen the church, be discipled and make disciples, and spread the gospel seed.
  • Middle East, Summer 2017
    Stephanie Taylor, Julie West, Matt West
  • Central Asia, Summer 2017, Aug 26 – Sept 2
    Erin Chesson, Tyler Chesson, Preston Ford, Tayloir Ford,

2016 Trips

  • Central Europe AGM, Prague, December 30–January 8
    Team Members:  James Batchelor, Amanda Dockery, Linda Hester, Kyle Howard, Kahlie McDuffie, Philip McDuffie, Bill Oakley, Joe Valenti, Melissa Valenti, Janet Whichard, Mary Wilson
  • India, October 28­–November 4
  • Guatemala, July 1–29
  • Panama, June
  • MFUGE, June 10–14
  • East Asia, May 23–June 4
  • Paris, May 22–31

2015 Trips

  • Central Europe AGM, Prague, December 31–January 10
  • Western Europe AGM, Jelenia Góra, Poland, August 1–9
  • East Asia, July 14–August 31
  • East Asia, July 17–August 2
  • Central Asia AGM, July 7–16
  • Boston, May 18–24

2014 Trips

2013 Trips

2012 Trips

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