The City Outreach Conference is designed to equip our members to contextually apply the gospel and good works in a diverse community.  We invite gifted teachers and thinkers in this area to instruct our members in practical ways to engage cross-culturally.


ENGAGE: Cross-cultural Relationships and Evangelism

Guest Speaker: Walter Strickland
FBCD members were equipped to build relationships in order to share the gospel across cultural, racial and class lines.

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Discipleship in the Urban Context

Guest Speakers: Dr. Carl Ellis and Derrick Smith
FBCD members learned how the Urban Context moved from being a place of hope to hopelessness.  The primary answer to the hopelessness in the city is for discipleship to focus on Jesus Christ in a contextually appropriate manner.


Endure the Race

Guest Speakers: Rick Lesh and Matthew Hodges
FBCD members were encouraged to look to Jesus Christ to endure ministry in under-resourced and unengaged communities.



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